Laura is a multidisciplinary artist and producer who studied at Goldsmiths (BA, 2007) and Laban (MA, 2012). 

Artist in residence at Kaleider.

Her work is determined by popular culture, the media and the way that we communicate with each other and the world around us. She is interested in finding meaning in a world that can often feel meaningless.

Her work explores gender politics, self-help culture, beauty & "perfection", technology & communication.

She works across media depending on the project at hand including performance, audio, film and photography. 

She has worked in collaboration with other artists such as They Are HereEmily RoysdonLundahl&SeitlPhoebe DaviesLauren Barri HolsteinChloe StephensLudovic Des CognetsRosie Lowe & William Pine

She has performed at Royal Academy of Arts (2014), National Theatre Belgrade (2014), Laban (2012/13), CPT(2013), Steinway Hall, (2013), Tate Modern (2012), The Old Vic Tunnels (2012), National Theatre London (2011), Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery (2011) & Shunt (2008).

Laura also produces and curates art events that bring together artists and provide a platform where new audiences can engage with performance art and live art. In June 2011 she founded SMASH LAB, a night-time laboratory that occupies spaces outside gallery walls for artists and audiences to experiment and explore performance and live art. She has curated and produced over 14 events featuring emerging and established artists such as Bryony Kimmings, Season Butler, Lauren Barri-Holstein, That Pair, Phoebe Davies, New Noveta, Twisted Loaf, Katy Baird and Catherine Hoffman.